GastroFish Project: 1st LTT in Greece
15 November 2021
ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM supports SMEs to develop their business plan on organic farming in Greece
13 December 2021

GastroFish Project: 2nd TPM in Greece

The GASTROFISH project partners had a meeting in Longos Aigialeia, Greece, on the 13th of November 2021. The participants, who represented the consortium organizations from Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Spain, had the opportunity to learn about the Greek realities in the fisheries and gastronomy sectors and the supply chain of various marine species, from fishing to the table. They also discussed the best cooking techniques to preserve fish and seafood’s nutritional and sensory qualities.

The days before the Transnational Meeting included Learning/Teaching/Training Activities (LTTAs) where participants visited the local fish market in Egion to gain an authentic experience.

The Transnational Meeting was opened by the President of Innopolis, Katerina Sotiropoulou. The purpose of the meeting was to lay the foundations for the next project outputs, including the creation of an e-learning platform on the core topics of GASTROFISH.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CEIPES participated in the meeting online. However, they will have the opportunity to organize the LTTAs and the third Transnational Meeting in January.