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5 November 2021
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20 December 2021

ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM supports SMEs to develop their business plan on organic farming in Greece

In the framework of the the Innovative value chain training program that has been launched by the ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project partners in Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, Tunisia and Italy, in collaboration with the Associated partners, 5 organic farmers/SMEs were selected in Greece to develop their business plan, based on an innovative idea, after the completion of the first phase of the training on marketing strategymanagement tools, and web presence.

This phase of training started with an online team training session as an introduction to the business plan components. Then, the expert, acting as a coach, delivered one-on-one online training sessions, to work on the elaboration of the business plan on an individual basis.

business plan is a management tool, allowing company’s owners to analyze results, make strategic decisions, and showcase how their business will operate and grow. This is very useful in developing their innovative ideas in the sector of organic agriculture.