About Innopolis

INNOPOLIS is an NGO/NPO with over 15 years of experience in EU funded projects, promoting environmental protection, cultural heritage & tourist development, new technologies and entepreneurship.

InnoPolis’ vision is to promote a holistic sustainable approach of innovation – both technological and social, in harmony with cultural values for the benefit of EU integration and Regional competitiveness.

Innovation may be defined as: the art and science of transforming something – be it an idea, a method or an object – that already exists into something new of value and is characterized by the use of new knowledge in order that such a new product or service or method be offered to people around the world (economy, market and society).

Our Aim

InnoPolis mission is characterized by the continuous pursuit of actions related to inter-regional innovation taking into account the cultural dimension.


and Technological Development initiatives  and participation in studies on technological and social innovation with particular concern for their cultural impact.


and disseminate innovative tools and methods in relation to different application areas with emphasis on sustainable develop-ment and cultural tourism


participation of organizations dealing with cultural identity and diversity


to the inter-cultural dialogue in Europe as well at global level and promote adoption of innovative approaches towards establish-ment of a knowledge equitable society.


awareness raising, education and training initiatives on above priorities


in priority setting and undertake development and diffusion of pioneering solutions in different economic sectors.

The main sectors

we specialise in






Social inclusion

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