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22 April 2022
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6 June 2022

GastroFish Project: 3rd TNM in Italy

On May 21, 2022, the partners involved in the GASTROFISH project gathered in Palermo for the 3rd Transnational meeting to review the progress of project activities and the status of Intellectual Outputs. The project’s main goals are to create a reliable guide for the fishery sector in the Mediterranean, establish a gastro-kitchen guide, and establish an international network of fishery in the EU by transferring local, national, and international knowledge and innovative methods.

Following a warm welcome and a tour of CEIPES facilities, the partners shared their experiences and insights from the recent second STJS in Palermo.

The University of Yalova, the coordinating organization, then facilitated a discussion about the status of IO2 (Gastro-Kitchen in Fishery), which involves creating E-learning modules and videos about the most significant fish species in each project region. The partners agreed on the methodology and planned the next modules to be developed.

The partners also discussed the upcoming LTTA in Spain and the final project outcome, which will be the creation of an international gastro-fishery network.

In the following steps, the partners will focus on developing the e-learning platform, engaging participants and stakeholders, and spreading the results of the Intellectual outputs.