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15 June 2022
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5 July 2022

GastroFish Project: 2nd LTT in Italy

The 2nd Short Term Joint Staff of the project was held in Palermo from May 16th to 20th, hosted by CEIPES. The main aim of the event was to bring together partners from different Mediterranean countries to share their expertise on fish cooking and promote sustainable development of Fishery and economic development.

During the five-day event, the Joint Staff visited various places and attended various activities. On the first day, the Joint Staff visited the historical fish market “Capo” guided by a local expert, followed by a social lunch and an introduction to the Gastrofish project at CEIPES office. The next day, the partners visited the municipal fish market and had an immersive virtual reality experience on the sea. On the third day, the Joint Staff attended a fish show cooking at EUROFORM school, where participants shared their expertise on fish cooking. On the last day, CEIPES gave a presentation on cooking techniques and fish consumption in Sicily, followed by presentations on fish hygiene and seafood by an ethologist and marine biologist respectively.

The innovative methods used, such as VR and AR, helped to transfer and exchange knowledge and promote sustainable development of Fishery and economic development at all levels. The event was well-received by the participants and all feedback showed high satisfaction. The Joint Staff will continue to meet and give updates on the work progress in future meetings.