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19 October 2022
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1 November 2022

CulTour Design Project Meeting in Zaragoza, Spain

Representatives from six organizations across Europe met in Zaragoza, Spain on October 24th, 2022 as part of the “CulTour Design” project. The partners in attendance included INCDT from Romania, INNETICA from Spain, KOMICHA from Bulgaria, INNOPOLIS from Greece, DigiCULT and IRSIE CULTURE from Poland, and HeartHands Solutions from Cyprus. Together, they discussed the progress of the project, which aims to enhance the digital design skills of adults in the heritage tourism sector to promote sustainable tourism.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the partners to discuss the progress made on the project to date, including the development of a hands-on online course for adults working or seeking employment in the heritage tourism sector.

The meeting highlighted the commitment of the project partners to enhancing digital design competences for the empowerment of cultural tourism, with a focus on creating innovative and engaging digital content and experiences that enhance the overall cultural tourism experience for visitors.