PASSAGE: Meeting in Bastia
18 May 2017
PASSAGE: Meeting in Tallinn
8 September 2017

PASSAGE: Stakeholder meeting in Corfu

InnoPolis-Center for Innovation and Culture, in cooperation with the Region of Ionian Islands (Greece), the Prefecture of Lecce (Italy) and the Regional Council of Vlore (Albania), organized the 2nd meeting with stakeholders’ groups, concerning low carbon economy issues, in Corfu on Wednesday 19 July 2017. The meeting took place at the conference room of the Regional Unit of Corfu (former Prefecture building) in the framework of the European project “PASSAGE – Public Authorities Supporting Low Carbon Growth in European Maritime Border Regions”.

The purpose of this meeting was to inform stakeholders about the objectives and the progress of the PASSAGE project so far and, also, to provide a forum for debate on the low carbon economy and the adaptation to climate change in the straits of Otranto and Corfu, for the benefit of the citizens.

After the welcoming speech and the presentations of the partners, the floor was given to the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy-Department of Climate Change, the LIFE Task Force from Greece, the LIFE co-funded project “Green Your Move” and the Energy Services company (ESCO) “Zero Energy Buildings-ZEB”, regarding policies and practices towards low carbon emissions and adaptation to Climate Change. The funding possibilities for cross-border low-carbon initiatives, in the perspective of the future action plan, were presented by the representatives of the Managing Authority of GREECE-ITALY Programme and of the Managing Authority of GREECE-ALBANIA Programme.

The stakeholders from Greece (Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation programmes, Technical Chamber of Greece and the Economic Chamber of Greece), from Italy (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change-CMCC) and from Albania (Regional Agency of Protected Areas in Vlora Region) reflected on the above presentations and they shared their ideas with the partners of the project about the mitigation and the adaptation to climate change in the straits of Otranto and Corfu. They stressed the need of utilizing effectively the legal framework and the planned actions as regards low-carbon emissions for the benefit of the citizens.




Province of Lecce & Climate Change

Region of Ionian Islands & Climate Change

The National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

LIFE Programme: Funding Opportunities for Climate Action

The LIFE GreenYourMove project

Zero Energy Buildings & Energy Communities

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