PASSAGE: Best practices
3 February 2017
PASSAGE: Stakeholder meeting in Lecce
28 March 2017

PASSAGE: Participation in RAMSES training, Athens

A great opportunity for networking with other European projects on similar thematic objectives and policy areas was the training event of the RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for citiES) project in Athens, Greece. Mr. Petropoulos from InnoPolis, one of the Greek partners of PASSAGE project, attended the RAMSES training event, held on 15th of February 2017 in Athens.

During this meeting cities received training on how to use the RAMSES Project methodologies to support their local adaptation planning to climate change. Particularly, the cities learned how to:

  • Calculate the impacts of climate change on public health and the costs connected to them, as well as identify adaptation measures to counteract them;
  • Assess climate risks and vulnerabilities and draw impact chains that reveal not only direct but also indirect climate impacts;
  • Select between different adaptation options, also in light of their cost efficiency;
  • Elaborate a vision to a more climate resilient future.

PRESENTATIONS from the Training event:

  1. RAMSES project
  2. RAMSES Transition Handbook
  3. A web based audio visual guidance:
  4. A methodology for assessing costs of climate change to the city economy & prioritizing adaptation
  5. Supporting the development of a Heat Health action plan
  6. Assessing the health damage and adaptation costs of climate change

More info about RAMSES project:

PASSAGE project was presented to RAMSES partners and to the representatives of the cities, and it was also discussed the possibility of future cooperation and a common understanding between the network of cities (RAMSES) and the network of maritime border regions (PASSAGE) towards adaptation to climate change.