Mission / Aims
21 December 2014
Press Release WELLFOOD 2014
28 December 2014


In order to achieve the vision and according to its mission statement InnoPolis’ strategy will be deployed as follows:


 Set up the scene

  • Regional & interregional space
  • Focus Adriatic Ionian, Broader Mediterranean area, SEE Spatial area, Black Sea,  Other EU Spatial areas
  • Europe +
  • Global
  • Establish an inventory with information and data on innovation policies and cross scientific, cross cultural initiatives
  • Establish contacts and links with “sister” organizations, authorities and volunteers
  • Participate actively in International and EU Funded projects & Networks of excellence,  that promote the transfer of good practices, create economies of scale, mainstream the results of cross thematic interregional co-operation, improve dialogue & multicultural understanding, facilitate co-operation of public & Private sector, alert and mobilise the civil society targeting solutions to commonly identified problems, accelerate the Bottom Up efforts for EU Integration as a global hope, assist Regional and National stakeholders to realize their interest from the implementation of  EU Regulations and EU Directives.