Civic Green

CivicGreen: Fostering Civic Engagement for Green Track

The CivicGreen project aims to promote active citizenship and improve the knowledge of European citizens and other public institutions on environmental issues, while improving conditions for civic and democratic participation, as well as, actively engage European citizens in the monitoring of environmental policies and projects.

Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-ADU | Cooperation partnerships in adult education


Partners will conduct pilots & set up local expert groups to reach the following project results.

  • A competence framework model using EQF and ECVET tools and methodologies to define and describe the skills needed to active civic participation and engagement. A reference document that can be adapted, by professionals working in adult education, local, civil society associations, and NGOs, to both formal and informal learning settings.
  • Nine MOOCs and related contents and educational resources offering flexible learning and exchange path and a package of interactive contents designed to achieve the learning outcomes structured in the competence framework.
  • An online community engagement platform designed to boost public participation and action on environmental issues.
  • A community of practices (COP) to boost active engagement on environmental issues, with a shared repertoire (tools, stories, articles, videos, and other resources).
  • A civic monitoring tool to enhance the active participation of citizens in the public domain and to raise their awareness about environmental action.

Target Groups

The project results will be addressed to two main target groups:

1) Citizens
2) Professionals working in adult education, local and civil society associations and NGOs.

40 participants to the LWG (5 per country)
80 participants/citizens to the pilots (10 per country)
200 attending the national forums – ME (25 per country)

Project Partners