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5 December 2022
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20 December 2022

Erasmus+ Dissemination Event

INNOPOLIS held a dissemination event on December 17, 2022, to inform the participants about the implementation of its ERASMUS+ projects. The event aimed to provide an overview of the projects, share their results and impact, and offer opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The ERASMUS+ projects were designed to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and international cooperation across Europe. INNOPOLIS collaborated with leading universities, research centers, and other organizations from throughout Europe to develop and implement these projects.

The event was attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including educators, researchers, students, and representatives from the business community. The participants were welcomed by the head of INNOPOLIS, who emphasized the importance of these ERASMUS+ projects in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in education and other sectors.

The attendees were then treated to a series of presentations, each focused on a different ERASMUS+ project. The presenters shared the goals, results, and impact of each project, and engaged the audience in discussions and Q&A sessions.

The event also offered opportunities for networking and collaboration, with participants exchanging ideas and making new connections. The informal atmosphere of the event encouraged attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and explore potential collaborations.

In conclusion, the dissemination event was a great success, offering valuable insights into the ERASMUS+ projects implemented by INNOPOLIS and highlighting the importance of promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and international cooperation in higher education. The participants left the event with a deeper understanding of the projects and the impact they have had.