ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: Learn more about the added value of biodynamic agriculture in Greece
16 February 2022
University of Yalova Rector Prof. Dr Suat CEBECI is in the kitchen for GastroFish Project
9 March 2022

Call for Expression of Interest for MSMEs – Organic Business Alliances

The project “Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agro-food alliances” funded by the EU has an objective of improving Organic sector competitiveness through the creation of a cross-border Organic Ecosystem supporting the development of business and SMEs in cooperation with public institutions; and more specifically, strengthening innovative organic value chain through establishment of Mediterranean business alliances by using participatory approach focused on needs collection and innovative solutions aimed at improving market access.

For each country, the call aims to:

  • Share knowledge and provide added value products by new business alliances by stimulating innovative value chain and business alliances and organizing cross-border Labs for innovative organic value chain
  • Find – with a collaborative approach – an innovative solution to increase the competitiveness
  • Accelerate the innovation process of the SME
EOI Submission Deadline: 25 March 2022