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2 June 2021
Εκδήλωση έναρξης EchoLoci, Άνω Πεδινά Ζαγορίου
22 October 2021

Greece Country Profile – Statistics [MOAN 2019]

According to the 2019 report of Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network (MOAN) -a network launched by CIHEAMBari in 1999- Greece follows the pattern of other EU Med countries (including all categories of cereals, fresh vegetables, pulses, fruits, etc.). Among the arable crops, cereals occupy the largest area, with durum wheat (18,512 ha), barley (5,219 ha) and oats and spring cereal mixtures (8 420 ha). Olives rank first in the category of the permanent crops with more than 50 000 ha, followed by grapes (4,424 ha) and citrus fruit (1,811 ha).