ΘΕΣΗ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ: Τεχνική, Οικονομική & Διοικητική υποστήριξη ευρωπαϊκών έργων (κωδ: 067)
15 July 2019
ΘΕΣΗ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑΣ: Τεχνική, Οικονομική & Διοικητική υποστήριξη του έργου GET (κωδ: 068)
27 August 2019

PASSAGE: Steering committee n°10

PASSAGE project – Steering committee n°10

Innopolis participated in the 10th Steering committee at Livorno, Italy, during  the 10th and the 11th September 2019.  A total number of 70 people took part in this meeting representing an additional amount of 10 partner entities.

The respective partners of the projects thoroughly discussed the overall overview of the program while scrutinizing its main objectives, activities and the anticipated results. More concretely:

  • A collective brainstorming was held about low-carbon transition of maritime industry and perspectives for “after –PASSAGE project” work
  • The details of the final conference were agreed alongside with the proposed agenda and potentially speakers
  • The approval of a detailed calendar for the preparation of PR6 was done by each partners respectively