PASSAGE: 3rd Stakeholders meeting in Corfu
7 November 2017
PASSAGE: 4th Stakeholder meeting in Bari, italy
21 February 2018

Workshop for Energy Cooperatives in Greece

InnoPolis (partner of Interreg Europe PASSAGE project) attended the workshop “Setting up and strengthening of energy cooperatives in Greece” organized by the social cooperative “Wind of Renewal”, the social cooperative enterprise “Electra Energy” and the Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece, in cooperation with the Urban Sustainability Office of the City of Athens, with the support of the Europe Direct City of Athens on 1st of December 2017.

The workshop was addressed to the members of energy cooperatives and citizens’ initiatives related to energy as well as representatives of actors interested in the development of energy cooperatives in Greece. The aim is to provide interested citizens and organizations with an opportunity to:

  • Clarify basic concepts relating to the community energy and to form a better idea of what an energy cooperative (REScoop) means
  • To discuss the different models of energy cooperatives that exist, by examining particular aspects and elements
  • To discuss and network between themselves and with relevant actors from abroad

More info: Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece (in English) and Electra Energy Cooperative (in Greek)