Notification Letter to Tenderers for external assistance under WELLFOOD (Call 3/1/2013)
3 January 2013

Notification Letter to candidates regarding WELLFOOD call for External assistance (Call 3/1/2013)


  1. ΛΚΝ ΑΝΑΛΥΣΙΣΕ.Π.Ε, Aristotelous 11 – 15, P.C 10432 Athens, Greece
  2. A.M. FILAGROTIKI SYMVOULEFTIKI LTD, Neas Egomis 14, 2409, Industrial Area of Egomis 1306 Lefkosia, Cyrpus
  3. DO – ET COM Ltd, Grigoriou Louvia 14, 2015, Strovolos, Lefkosia, Cyprus

Our ref: WELLFOOD-Ext. Call_3/1/2013


We are pleased to inform you that you are invited to take part in the restricted tender procedure for the above contract. The complete tender dossier is attached to this letter.

It includes:

A. Instructions to tenderers- Please see the following link: Instructions to tenderers

B. Draft Contract Agreement and Special Conditions with annexes:
I. General Conditions for service contracts- Please see the following link:General Conditions for service contracts
II. Terms of Reference. Please see the following link:Terms of References_WELLFOOD_External_Call 1/3/2013

Annex-Terms of ReferenceAnnex_ToRs
III. Organisation and Methodology (to be submitted by the tenderer using the template provided)
IV. Key experts (including templates for the summary list of key experts and their CVs)
V. Budget (to be submitted by the tenderer as the Financial offer using the template provided)-Please see the following link:Budget Global price contract
VI. Forms and other supporting documents-Please see the following link:Tender Submission Form-model
VII. Expenditure verification: Terms of Reference and Report of Factual Findings
C. Other information:
I. Shortlist notice
II. Administrative compliance grid
III. Evaluation grid
D. Tender submission form

For full details of the tendering procedures, please see the Practical Guide to contract procedures for EU external actions and its annexes, which may be downloaded from the following website:

We look forward to receiving your tender before the deadline set in point 8 of the Instructions. Please send it to the address given in point 8. If you decide not to submit a tender, we would be grateful if you could inform us in writing, indicating the reasons for your decision.

Yours sincerely,

President InnoPolis