Project title:  Adriatic Model of Sustainable Mobility in the Health & Care Sector - AdriHealthMob
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Programme: IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme 2007-13
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AdriHealthMob deals with the Strategic Priority of sustainable transport services, focusing on the specific sector of Health and Care, where mobility is increasing and showing an enormous potential within the cross-border environment. The project aims at developing sustainable transport services, models and schemes addressing a cross-border health and care system in the whole Adriatic area. Through the involvement of project beneficiaries and the realization of the workplan, AdriHealthMob will succeed in making transports services for health and care safer, more rationale, connected, environment respectful, functional and smart. AdriHealthMob addresses the needs to define a sustainable model of transport for health and care, making accessibility and mobility of passengers/travellers safer and more rational, reducing those useless or optimising those necessary. It intends to provide consistent solutions to those needs, through: the promotion and the creation of the Adriatic cross-border health and care area; the definition and the implementation of the related transport services; the introduction of ICT (eHealth, mHealth, teleHealth); the implementation of specific and tailored mobility solutions; the establishment of protocols and joint integrated planning practices to make the Adriatic basin the most innovative experience of transport for health and care.


1.    Collect, systemize and analyze data, information, documents, policies, financial performances and operational strategies, to create the most functional cross border transport model for health and care.
2.    Introduce ICTs in health& care focusing the mobility across the Adriatic macro-region, to integrate, to upgrade, to rationalize and to optimize the different type of transfers.
3.    Modernize/adapt existing infrastructures, making them accessible for health and care by efficient and sustainable transport.
4.    Promote joint rules, protocols and planning of transport services for health and care, leading to efficient mobility, savings and including health and care needs in transport models.
5.    To identify and to map experiences of excellence in the Adriatic region able to match health and care with sustainable transport models, creating a network of innovative mobility accessible at a cross border level.
6.    Define pilot initiatives of sustainable transport and to experiment sustainable models to test and validate innovative solutions.
7.    Provide proposals, guidelines and recommendations for a sustainable, intersectoral, integrated and cross border transport strategy for the health and care system.


LB – Federal Ministry of Health of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
FB1 –Association for Promotion of Local Development and Education MSC, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
FB2 – Polytechnic University of Marche, IT
FB3 –Agency for Accreditation of Health Care Institutions of Serbia
FB4 – Ministry of Health of Montenegro
FB5 – Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia
FB6 – Tetras business consulting, limited liability company, SLOVENIA
FB7 – Durres Regional Hospital, ALBANIA
FB8 – Business and Economy Promotion Center,  ALBANIA
FB9- Social Cooperative COOSS Marche, IT
FB10- Marche Nord Hospital, IT
FB11- CNR National Research Council – IFC Institute of Clinical Physiology, IT
FB12- InnoPolis – Centre for Innovation and Culture, Greece
FB13- Ionian University, Greece
FB14- Softpro ltd, IT
As1. Federal Ministry Transport and Communications, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA
As2. P.C.Sarajevo International Airport, limited Liability Company, Sarajevo, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA



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