Project title: Integrated Bio-waste Management and Trading Scheme - SYMBIOSIS

Programme: Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme "Greece- The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2014-2020"
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The project main objective is to set up an integrated, sustainable, bio-waste management and trading scheme between the partner regions of Western Macedonia in Greece and the municipality areas of Bitola and Novatsi of F.Y.R.O.M.

The SYMBIOSIS project will map, record, measure and examine the different bio-waste streams derived by the agro-food industry in both project areas including industrial processes, agricultural activities and people behaviour towards unused food resources in order to match the use of those resources by a different division of the agro-food industry or other industries, like the production of animal feed or the use of waste residues as fuel to the industry, or the unused resources for human feeding in social community networks (social common meals in municipal level). Industrial Symbiosis, a part of industrial ecology, is an innovative approach that aims in creating industrial networks set to process waste and to trade materials, energy and water to gain economic, environmental and social benefits.


The project specific objectives are:

1. To set-up a cross industry resource efficiency through organic material trading and sharing assets;

2. To create industrial sustainable networks especially in the agro-food industry for energy and water gains by better elaboration of bio-waste streams;

3. To improve the environmental benefits by lower down the bio-waste streams that led to the landfills;

4. To generate tangible social benefits to local communities by better use of bio resources from the food industry in favour to social activities and job creation;

5. To improve the cooperation among sectors and businesses in cross-border area thus improving the local economies and boosting entrepreneurship;

6. implement in pilot basis the bio-waste collection at source in dedicated areas in both partner areas;

7. To create an online database with mapping and measure of waste streams from the agro-food industry and human activities (outflow) to the resource mapping and organic material used for industrial processes or raw materials (inflow) of industrial sector.




1) National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

2) Waste Management Company of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA S.A.)

3) INNOPOLIS-Centre for Innovation and Culture


1) Public Communal Enterprise KOMUNALEC Bitola

2) Public Communal Enterprise KOMUNALNA HIGIENA Novaci

3) Civil Society Organization - Movement for Environment MOLIKA Bitola




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