SYMBIOSIS promotes re-manufacturing, reuse and recycle, and transforms one industry's waste to another's raw material and/or fuel, to pave the way for a more circular economy for the regions, where waste is eliminated and resources are used in an efficient and sustainable way. The direct beneficiaries of Symbiosis project will be the ‘producers’ and ‘users’ of bio-wastes that include a large number of companies and agro-industries inside the cross-border area.

The common platform of SYMBIOSIS project will meet the ‘offer’ with the ‘demand’ of bio waste creating synergies and business opportunities providing new solution for exploitation of bio-waste. Scope is the real matching of those companies. In the framework of the communication activities of the project INNOPOLIS is going to organize a sensitization event with title: “Biowaste treatment and exploitation” in Thessaloniki on 10/12/2018.

Agenda (draft)

If you are interested to participate at the event please complete the form you will find here 



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